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An AI-powered point-of-sale platform offering solar financing options tailored to fit every client's needs.

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Tailored Solar Financing Options for Clients: Rhino Eco's Revolutionary Platform

Tailored Financing for your clients

With our revolutionary solar financing platform, you can offer your clients an array of tailored financing alternatives to fit their needs and wants.

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How working with Rhino can
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Simple to use

It takes less than 60 seconds to send homeowners a personalized digital financing offer.



Loan, lease, and even cash options are all seamlessly available for your customers to choose from.  


AI powered

Leveraging data to provide your clients with instant tailored financing offer to fit their needs.


User Friendly

providing your clients with a fun, simple, and beautiful checkout experience.

Streamlined Financing for Sales Reps: Rhino Eco's Proposal Engine

Streamline financing at the point of sale

Sales reps no longer need to work with multiple lending platforms and lease providers. Better and more personalized financing is available in seconds through Rhino's proposal engine.

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