Merchant Pre-Qualification Requirements

Platform Partner Approval Requirements

1. Valid state Contractor’s License (If required by state). if sub-contracting:
Subs Contractors License.
   ii. Subs Workers Compensation.
   iii. Sub Agreement.
2. Valid Federal Tax ID.
3. All employees must hold relevant licenses and certificates.
4. Clean public records for all stakeholders in the company administration.
   i. No bankruptcy and foreclosures.
   ii. No criminal records.
5. Positive online reputation as evidenced by review sites such as Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Energy Sage, Google, and Solar-reviews.
6. Must have completed a minimum of 50 residential Installations (may be waived in certain instances with relative experience).
7. US-based legal entity with at least one year in continuous business, operating under the same legal entity unless documentation of merger or acquisition is provided. 
   i. May be waived if previous ownership experience is in a similar line of work.
8. Installation agreement must be provided with each system financing request and must include the following:
   i. A workmanship warranty of at least 10 years.
   ii. 3 business day right to cancel.
   iii. State statutory consumer agreement supplements (if applicable).
9. Statutory Insurance Policies: 
   i. Statutory minimum General Liability Insurance.
   ii. Statutory minimum Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

PPA & "Post Charge" Partner Approval Requirements:

1. A minimum of 150 residential installations is required.
3. US-based legal entity with at least two years in continuous business.
3. A partner who wants more than $250,000 in outstanding balance, must provide:
   i. Year back Profit and Loss.
   ii. Balance Sheet.
4. Equipment standards - Project equipment according to the approved equipment list on the platform’s Partners section.
5. Insurance requirements:
   i. Commercial general liability, in an amount not less than one million ($1,000,000} dollars per occurrence         and two million ($2,000,000) dollars annual aggregate,.
   ii. Umbrella or excess liability insurance with a limit of five million ($5,000,000} dollars per occurrence and in
      the annual aggregate in excess of the limits of insurance provided.

Disclaimer - The use of Rhino’s Services is subject to Rhino’s sole discretion based on information we may collect on You and Your business including but not limited to the financial condition, credit history, and professional reputation.