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Solar Sales Success with Rhino Eco Partnerships

Making solar accessible has never been so easy! Rhino's point-of-sale financing platform enables you to boost sales operations and increase conversion from day one!

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How working with Rhino can
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Simple to use

It takes less than 60 seconds to send homeowners a personalized digital financing offer.



Loan, lease, and even cash options are all seamlessly available for your customers to choose from.  


AI powered

Leveraging data to provide your clients with instant tailored financing offer to fit their needs.


User Friendly

Providing your clients with a fun, simple, and beautiful checkout experience.

A new financial engine to drive your sales

Through our partnerships with top financing providers, we are able to streamline loan approvals, lease plans, cash payments, and contract signing all in one simple and seamless process.

We empower our partners through technology

With a state-of-the-art financing platform that is both easy to use and simplifies the user experience, sales reps will be able to close more sales!

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